Interactive Maps

The Van Buren County GIS Department is developing a large suite of new interactive maps slated to be released over the next several months. These FREE tools will allow users to easily navigate through and explore large amounts of Van Buren County spatial information. All the viewers are based on a common, easy to use platform, but each viewer will be focused on a specific topic or area of interest. The new Parcel Viewer and Remonumentation Program Status Viewer (see below) are the first to be released, but many more are currently under development and will be available soon, so stay tuned!

See all of the available interactive maps in the Van Buren County Interactive Map Portal, or browse below for more information on each one:


This interactive map allows you to search through all county parcel data and provides links directly to the most current tax, valuation, and ownership information. Owner names, parcel numbers and/or dimensions may be displayed on the map. Users can create and print custom maps or download pre-created maps in pdf format.

ParcelViewerThumb Opens in new windowThe previous version of the GIS Parcel Viewer will be available for a limited time  (please note that  this version is being phased out and does not contain the most up-to-date information).


View the status of the ongoing state-wide Public Land Survey System Section Corner Remonumentation Program.  Users will be able to see which section corners have been remonumented and details about the program.

Remonumentation Viewer Thumbnail Opens in new window


NEW! (2/2/24)

  • LAND PATENTS: This interactive map enables users to search for the original Land Patents issued in the 1830's in every section of the county. Simply click on an area of interest and follow the link to view all the available Land Patents in the selected section. The Land Patents are hosted by the United States Bureau of Land Management.
  • PUBLIC LAND SURVEY SYSTEM: See Sections, Quarter Sections and Quarter-Quarter Sections throughout the county. This interactive map helps users better visualize and understand the Public Land Survey System. This information can also be helpful when trying to decipher some land descriptions. The original 1820's-1830's General Land Office Survey Maps for each township in Van Buren County are also available through this site.



NEW! (2/6/24) 

This Van Buren County internet mapping application offers users an innovative way to explore parcel data across various years, dating back to 2004. Designed to provide a comprehensive view of parcel boundaries, ownership changes, valuation, and tax information, this tool is invaluable for anyone looking to understand the historical and current landscape of property data in Van Buren County. Initially launching with a selection of key years, the application is set to expand, with plans to incrementally include additional data from other years as resources allow. This dynamic platform is tailored for users who need detailed property insights, from historical changes to present configurations, making it an essential resource for property owners, potential buyers, researchers, and planning professionals in Van Buren County.ParcelHistoryThumb


NEW! (2/20/24)

The Van Buren County Hydric Areas Viewer is a sophisticated interactive web mapping interface that provides a comprehensive view of the county's natural water resources and land use, integrating essential datasets such as the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI), SSURGO hydric soils, FEMA flood plains, watershed boundaries, parcels, and water features. Designed to facilitate informed decision-making for environmental conservation, land management, and community planning, this tool is invaluable for local government officials, land use planners, conservationists, educators, and the general public, promoting sustainable development and enhancing community resilience against natural disasters.

Hydric Areas Viewer

AIR PHOTO LIBRARY (Coming in 2024)

This viewer will provide easy access to all Van Buren County air photos  dating as far back as the 1930's and 1940's. A "slider" tool will be available to compare current air photos and parcels with past air photos. This will be an ongoing project with air photos from different eras added as they become available.

VOTER HELPER (Coming in 2024)

View County Commission Districts, precincts, polling places, and much more related to the 2024 election.


Easily view and compare land values for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial properties across the county.