Van Buren County Planning Commission

The Van Buren County Planning Commission was reestablished in accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, PA 33 of 2008, as amended.  The members of the Planning Commission are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and are charged with the responsibilities set forth in the Act to prepare and adopt a county plan.  The mandated role of the  Van Buren County Planning Commission is to assist local planning commissions and the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners in making lawful and sustainable planning decisions.

Master Plan

For more information  about the Van Buren County Planning Commission see the Van Buren County Master Plan 2020 (PDF).

Meeting Dates/Time:

4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM, unless posted otherwise. 
November and December meetings are normally moved if a holiday falls in the same week.

Meeting Location:

Board of Commissioners Chambers
219 Paw Paw Street ~  Suite 200
Paw Paw, MI  49079 


Ted Thar, Director of Land Management
219 Paw Paw St., Suite 302
Paw Paw, MI 49079
Phone: (269) 657-8243 Ext. 14
Fax: (269) 657-8235
E-mail: [email protected]

Commission Members:

Appointed by:  Van Buren County Board of Commissioners
Term:  3 years

Pam StermerTerm Expires: 4/1/2024
Tony HemenwayTerm Expires: 4/1/2024
Barbara RoseTerm Expires: 4/1/2023
Jan PetersenTerm Expires: 4/1/2023
Scott CedarquistTerm Expires: 4/1/2025
Celinda GilmoreTerm Expires: 4/1/2025
Ray MartinTerm Expires: 4/1/2025
Kurt Doroh - CommissionerBoard Representative
Ted Thar - StaffSecretary


Michigan Laws Relating to Planning - Act 33 of 2008
American Planning Association - Michigan Chapter