Drain Maps

Drain Map Updates

Previous drain maps consisted of drains drawn by hand on old township maps and plat maps. In order to accomplish the task of updating drain maps the Drain Office formed a partnership with the County Land Services Department, GIS. The drains legal description and legally described drainage district are pulled from the files and are digitally mapped with the county GIS system and aerial photography. Then, each drain and drainage district is put on a separate map and the township map is updated. In addition, the drains are put on the new Pictometry program as a digital layer to the county maps. This ensures the most accurate data for locating county drains and having the legal assessment district in order to perform proper maintenance and assessments. Furthermore, keeping the work “in house” ensures accuracy, better over-site, improves inter-office relationships, and saves tax payers money. The Land Services Department and Drain Office has mapped and certified over 500 drains and their drainage districts.

Updates on drains and county mapping are available on the county web site under Land Services Department, GIS Mapping.

Abbott Drain