Public Defender's Office

Serving Van Buren and Allegan Counties

Zealous, innovative and compassionate holistic defense

The Office of the Public Defender was established in April of 2019 with the appointment of Director and Chief Public Defender, Chad D. Catalino. It is comprised of both the Assistant Public Defenders as well as a roster of defense attorneys who are committed to the goals and standards set forth by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission.

We practice a holistic defense model in this office, utilizing an interdisciplinary partnership of professionals to address not only a client's pressing legal issues, but also social support needs. We strive to uphold the ideals of client-centered representation as defined by the Bronx Public Defenders, in which a client is not being defined by his or her case but by the needs he or she identifies.

For more information regarding the Van Buren / Allegan Public Defender's Office Allegan location, please visit Allegan County's site.