Criminal Investigations Division

The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is to provide support to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office by conducting thorough criminal investigations. The division is dedicated to providing exceptional investigative services to the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office in order to preserve the quality of life of the general public. The division's main function is to investigate all criminal allegations referred to them from misdemeanor to felony. 

This division is comprised of a Detective Lieutenant, Two Detective Sergeants, two Detectives and a Detective assigned to the Computer Crimes Unit. 

This division has a Detective Sergeant that is assigned to Michigan State Police Southwest Commercial Auto Recovery (SCAR) Task Force.

Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division are also assigned to the Van Buren County Major Crimes Task Force which include other Local, State and Federal Agencies.

  1. Dave Walker

    Detective Lieutenant
    Phone: 269-657-2006 Ext. 3412