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2023 Winter Tax Deferment Application

Summer Taxes: Due to the implementation of Public Act 243 of 2002, the State Education Tax (SET) became a summer tax beginning July 2003. The County Allocated millage became a summer tax July of 2007.

Summer taxes are mailed by July 1 and are due by September 14 each year to avoid penalties and interest. Some cities may have a different due date. Township, City and County Treasurers are the only treasurers that are authorized to collect the SET or County Allocated tax.

Summer taxes are payable July 1st thru February 28th at your Township or City Hall, with the exception of South Haven Charter Township, where the taxes are payable to the County Treasurer.

For properties in a village OTHER than Paw Paw, Lawton or Mattawan, there are now 2 bills that are due September 14th. The Summer bill will be payable to your Township Treasurer and your Village Taxes will be payable to your Village Treasurer. Properties in Paw Paw, Lawton and Mattawan Villages will receive 1 summer tax bill, as the village has agreed to have the Township collect their village taxes, which will be payable to the Township Treasurer.

Summer taxes can be deferred to the due date of the winter taxes for those persons who fit a specific criteria. For an application and listing of those eligible, please click on the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes link. The Board of Commissioners has passed a resolution allowing certain persons to extend the due date of their winter taxes, if they are a senior citizen, disabled or other criteria AND if they have filed for a Michigan Property Tax Homestead Credit and have not yet received their check from the State of Michigan. Click on the link below for more information. 

Links for Tax Relief Forms & Information:

Application for Tax Relief for Active Military Personnel

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes