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Please Note! Fees for Recording and Transfer Tax are Cash or Check Only. Checks are made Payable to: Register of Deeds 

Due to the unusually high volume of copy requests, please allow up to 2 working days to fill online copy orders until further notice. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

**Effective October 1, 2016 in the State of Michigan**

Regardless of the number of pages, ALL DOCUMENTS will cost $30.00 to record. All recordings must arrive in our office 9-30-16 for pre-Oct 1st fees. This cost is inclusive of the Michigan Remonumentation and Register Automation fees. For a document that assigns or discharges more than 1 instrument, the cost will be $3.00 for each instrument assigned or discharged (in addition to the $30 flat fee). To tax certify a recorded document and to certify copies will cost $5. Copies remain $1 per page.

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The Register of Deeds office places a Liber & Page number on each record that is filed, for the purpose of storage and retrieval from the computerized records in our office. The Liber & Page and the index are not court records.