Prosecuting Attorney

Susan Zuiderveen is the elected Van Buren County Prosecuting Attorney who took office on January 1, 2021. Her office prosecutes violations of state law occurring in Van Buren County on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan.

The Prosecutor and her staff work with the Sheriff Department, State Police, local police departments, and other law enforcement agencies to enforce the criminal law and to prosecute civil infractions. Crimes prosecuted, range from homicides to minor in possession of alcohol or tobacco. Examples of civil infractions are speeding and many other traffic violations.

In addition, the office of the Prosecuting Attorney is actively engaged in the prosecution of juvenile delinquents and child protection proceedings initiated by the Department of Human Services Children’s Protective Services division. It also represents petitioners in mental health commitment hearings and represents the Secretary of State in license restoration hearings in Circuit Court.

The office of the Prosecuting Attorney has been actively involved in the Van Buren County Drug Treatment Court and in the forfeiture of assets connected with illegal drug traffic.