The Procedures form governing inspection on vital records documents prepared by the State Department of Public Health, Office of Vital Statistics, will be followed by the Van Buren County Clerk's Office.

Van Buren County Clerk will allow inspection of Indexes of Marriages, Death and Divorce records on a first come first served basis. Space permits only two people researching at one time. The clerk reserves the right to deny inspections at any time if the same shall interfere with staff services to people.


Birth Indexes are not available for public inspection. We will however, verify a birth record if it is on file in our office. Birth records have been recorded in Van Buren County since 1867.

Marriages & Deaths

Record Books of Marriages and Deaths, upon specific request, are available for inspection by an individual eligible to receive a certified copy of the record and who has a legitimate research interest in inspecting the record when the record of interest cannot be located in the place specified in the Index or when there is the possibility that the record may not have been properly recorded or indexed.

Requests & Payments

Upon written request and payment of search fee, we can verify the following facts:

  • Name or names of the individual to whom the vital record pertains
  • The nature of the event
  • The date of the event
  • The place of the event
  • The date of the filing


  • The fee for searching records is $1 per liber, per name.
  • A Certified copy of a Death, Marriage or Divorce record may be issued to any applicant upon payment of the fee.
  • A Certified copy of a Birth record can be issued ONLY to persons specified in "Application form for Birth Certificate" upon payment of the fee.
  • The fee is $13 for the first certified copy and $4 for each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time.

Upon receipt of the correct fee, your request will have our immediate attention. Each Liber covers several years.

  1. Births
  2. Deaths
  3. Marriages
  • Liber A: 1867 through 1875
  • Liber B: 1875 through 1884
  • Liber C: 1884 through 1894
  • Liber D: 1894 through 1907
  • Liber E: 1907 through 1915
  • Liber F: 1914 through 1922
  • Liber G: 1922 through 1931
  • Liber H: 1930 through 1934
  • Liber A through K: 1935 through 1945
  • Liber L through Z: 1935 through 1945
  • Liber: 1946 through 1990
  • On Computer: 1990 to present

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