Animal Control

Animal Control StaffWe are dedicated to partnering with surrounding rescues in order to serve our community.

It is our goal to bring about public awareness to garner community support and cooperation. The concept of Animal Control as the last step in any animal's life is no longer the case. We are constantly networking with our existing rescues, and reaching out the new ones in order to find forever homes.

Annual Reports


There is Kennel staff on duty during the hours the facility is open. Officers cover 632 square miles of Van Buren County roads. All domestic animal complaints are handled, ranging from the licensing of household pets to livestock running-at-large and animal cruelties.

All reported dog bites are checked for rabies, vaccinations and licenses. Dog bites and all other animals are then observed for a ten-day period.

The kennel facility, has 18 dog runs and 8 small animal cages. In addition there are two offices and a garage area. It is the goal of the facility to house strays and unwanted pets as long as possible.

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Van Buren County Animal Control and The Van Buren Office of Domestic Preparedness wants people to be prepared in case of an emergency or disaster by developing a family emergency plan. Part of that planning is an emergency plan for your pet(s).

Learn what to do to keep your pets safe: