Request a Video or Transcript of a Hearing

The public or any party may request a copy of the audio/video file of a court proceeding pursuant to Policy 4.002 Digital Audio-Video Recordings of Court Proceedings Policy (PDF).  During the timeframe of our emergency plan due to the pandemic, the court will waive the video copy request fee.  To request a copy of an audio/video recording of a court proceeding please fill out this Audio/Video Request Form.

To request a written transcript please fill out this Transcript Request Form.  The statutory fee for transcript production is $1.75 per page for the original transcript and 30¢ per page for each required copy of the transcript.  You must pay for all transcripts prepared because of this request and all financial arrangements are handled with the transcriptionist, not the court.   Once a transcriptionist has been appointed, you will receive an email with their contact information.