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Friend of the Court Handbook 2017

The purpose of this handbook (PDF) is to provide information about Friend of the Court (FOC) responsibilities to persons who have family division domestic relations cases. This handbook also outlines the basic responsibilities of parties. Any questions about procedures or requirements outlined in this handbook may be discussed with an employee of your local FOC or with the attorney of your choice.

While required by law, this handbook is not a legal document and is not intended to provide legal advice to you. Nothing in this handbook changes local rules or the laws of the State of Michigan, or the written requirements in your court orders. Similarly, while FOC employees will attempt to explain matters contained in this handbook, they are not allowed to give legal advice and nothing they say will change existing rules or law.

Language Access

State Courts


To view these statutes, visit the Michigan Legislature:

  • Child Custody Act- MCL 722.21
  • Family Support Act- MCL 552.451
  • Friend of the Court Act- MCL 522.501
  • Paternity Act- MCL 722.711
  • Regarding Travel in Foreign Countries- MCL 722.27A(9)
  • Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act- MCL 552.601
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act- MCL 722.1101
  • Uniform Interstate Family Support Act- MCL 552.1101

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