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Sheriff's Victim Services Unit Application

  1. Title

  2. Do you have your own transportation?*

  3. Employment Status*

  4. Where and activities performed.

  5. Education

  6. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?*

  7. Are you able to commit yourself to being on-call on a given day per-week?*

  8. Will you be able to attend in-service training sessions at the Sheriff's Office, in addition to your regularly scheduled volunteer time?*

  9. Every effort is made to accommodate the preference of applicants. However, the size of the Victim Service Unit necessitates scheduling volunteer assignments over the course of the work-week.*

    Please check each time(s), and day(s), you would be able to volunteer.

  10. By clicking the submit button you are agreeing to a background check with the Sheriff Department.

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