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Sheriff's Request for Reserve Application

  1. Both Step 1 and 2 (including mailing completed application) must be completed to be considered!
  2. Step 1
    Complete this online form and select "SUBMIT" at the end.
  3. I Am at Least 21 Years Old*
  4. I Am a US Citizen*
  5. I Am a High School Graduate*
  6. I Do Not Have a Felony, Crime of Moral Turpitude or Domestic Violence Conviction
  7. I Have Never Been Committed to a Mental Health Institution*
  8. I Have a Valid Michigan Driver's License*
  9. I Currently Hold (or Will Obtain) a Michigan Concealed Pistol License*
  10. I Am in Good Physical Condition*
  11. To the Best of My Knowledge, I Can Pass a Background and Reference Check*
  12. Enter any additional comments.
  13. Leave This Blank: