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Sheriff's Office

  1. Sheriff's Comments / Questions

    Send us your questions and/or comments; we welcome your feedback and will make every attempt to respond to all inquiries.

  2. Sheriff's Contact a Deputy
  3. Sheriff's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request for Public Records
  4. Sheriff's Public Complaint Form

    This form is for use by members of the public who wish to make a complaint concerning an employee of the Van Buren County Sheriff's... More…

  5. Sheriff's Victim Services Unit Application
  1. Sheriff's Community Emergency Response Team Application

    CERT Application form

  2. Sheriff's Extra Patrol Request

    A special request for a short term extra patrol can be requested

  3. Sheriff's ODP School Emergency Drills Documentation Form V.1

    Van Buren County Emergency Management School Emergency Drills Documentation Form

  4. Sheriff's Request for Property Check

    This request is for a vacant residence/business property only.

  5. Sheriff's Victim Services Unit Call Out Form