What is a drain project?

A drain project is the establishment, construction, maintenance or improvement of a drain designed to prevent flooding, decrease soil erosion and sedimentation and provide better drainage or agricultural lands, residential lands or other development. A “drain” may include roadside ditches, agricultural drains, tiling/enclosed systems under agricultural or developed land, creeks, rivers and lakes.

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1. What is a drain project?
2. Who is in charge of drains and drain projects?
3. How does a drain project begin?
4. Who can petition for a drain project?
5. Who decides whether to do a drain project?
6. Who receives notice of a board of determination hearing?
7. Can the board’s decision be appealed?
8. Can the project change?
9. Who determines what needs to be done?
10. Who pays for drain projects?
11. What is the Drain Commissioner allowed to do without a petition?
12. What’s next?