What can I do to support broadband expansion?
  • Get to know your elected officials and ask them about their work on expanding broadband access. 
  • Federal and State Officials:  https://www.270towin.com/elected-officials/
  • Local Officials:  contact your County Clerk’s office
  • Submit a letter about your experience and concerns to your local media presence; newspapers, e-news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Testify at local meetings about your need for broadband access:  County Commission, Township Board, City & Village Councils
  • Talk to your neighbors and personal  networks about the need for broadband expansion
  • Form a Community Broadband Committee

Resource:  Community Broadband Access Framework http://www.mbcoop.org/resources-2

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1. How soon might I get broadband at my house?
2. How much will it cost to reach every home in all 15 townships?
3. What are the available financing options for this project?
4. Can a single Township pursue a broadband build out independent from the 15 Township Project?
5. When I get broadband at my house, will my property taxes go up?
6. How much will my monthly broadband service cost?
7. What can I do with broadband?
8. How did you determine who has broadband access and who does not?
9. Why won’t the big ISP’s (internet service providers) expand their service areas?
10. Will government solve this problem?
11. What can I do to support broadband expansion?
12. Is fiber future proof? Why is fiber better than cellular/wireless or satellite?