Why not GPS?

GPS is great for tracking cars, bad for tracking people. GPS depends on orbiting satellites to locate a person. GPS may not be able to locate in buildings, in bad weather, or in heavy under brush or trees. Clients are not aware they are lost and will not seek open areas which GPS systems require. Sometimes, low tech is better than high tech.

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1. What if the transmitter gets wet?
2. What about warranty?
3. Is the equipment used to track “typical” kids or adults?
4. How does the caregiver know the transmitter is working?
5. What if the transmitter stops working?
6. Why not GPS?
7. How far can the signal be tracked?
8. When should I call if my loved one is missing?
9. Who should I call if my loved one is missing?
10. Will I be charged a fee if you come and search for my loved one?
11. How far from home will you respond if we are traveling?
12. My neighbor has Care Trak as well, how will you know which transmitter you are tracking?