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Posted on: October 2, 2023

Sheriff Notes October 2 2023

  • Uniform Response investigated 3 different incidents involving large marijuana grows & retail shops being broke into or alarms at them.  Due to the time frame of harvest, Law Enforcement responds to these types of crimes every year like this with the outdoor grows.  Law Enforcement does their best to actively patrol the areas, but it still takes place.
  • Uniform Response had a pursuit in which the driver was apprehended after he decided to bail.  Our Canine was utilized immediately and ran the driver down as he was attempting to run on foot after bailing out of his vehicle running into a woodlot.  The driver was ultimately charged with several crimes involving the incident.
  • Uniform Response invested a serious assault complaint in which a neighbor assaulted another neighbor for cutting firewood close to the property line.  The victim was beat severely, and at this point, it appears he will recover from his injuries.  The suspect was located, interviewed, and lodged for the incident.
  • Uniform Response was sent to a residence in the early morning hours for a man suffering from Alzheimer’s that had walked away from the residence.  Several agencies assisted our office in searching the area and the subject was located and returned home safely.  Just a reminder to the public that we have Care Track at our office for subject’s that may need more extensive monitoring.  It’s simply a bracelet type band the subject wears.  If they walk away, we come to the scene with our equipment to help located them.  In short, it’s basically a human tracking device.  If you are interested in such a program, please reach out to our office.
  • Uniform Response handled a break-in at the Glendale Grocery/Gas Station in the early morning hours.  Through the investigation and help from the public, the two individuals were identified that committed the crime.  From our office, a huge thank you to the public for the help identifying these subjects.  They will now be held accountable for their actions.
  • Uniform Response recovered some stollen property from a larceny.  The property was located hidden in the woods.  The property was returned to the victims and a report was sent over to the prosecutor for charges on a possible suspect.
  • October is National Pedestrian Safety Month.  The month is dedicated to raise more awareness to the ongoing crashes Law Enforcement handles throughout the year in our Nation in which pedestrians are hit by motor vehicles.   Remember when you see someone walking, crossing, or riding a bike on the roadway, slow down and move over.

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