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Posted on: September 22, 2023

Sheriff Notes September 22 2023

  • Uniform Response took a missing juvenile/runaway complaint. After investigating the incident, our office was able to work in conjunction with a law enforcement office in Georgia to locate her. She was brought back safely to Michigan.  The Investigation Unit working in conjunction with Uniform Response were able to preserve evidence needed to narrow down suspects for the result. Currently, charges for the adult from Georgia are being reviewed by our prosecutor’s office. This unfortunately is another case where a juvenile was groomed on the internet/social media.
  • Scams continue to happen in our county. We received information again this week in which a resident received a phone call from a scammer advising it was her grandson. The targeted victim does not have a grandson and hung up knowing it was a scam. The number used even had our area code and they consistently come back from another country, state, or area. Criminals are consistently changing with the times on how to extort money from victims. A lot of times on a call like this the scammer will say they are being held hostage, ran out of money out of state on vacation, have been arrested and needs bond money, etc. After doing so, they will ask for money to be sent. Sometimes, they even ask for gift cards. Criminals watch your social media for information to gather on you, so they have names and information that seems credible prior to trying to fool the victim. Keep in mind as well, criminals watch social media and if you post that you are on vacation, post photos showing you are out of town, you are opening yourself up with that information for someone to rob your house being they know you are out of town. Just a reminder to be cognizant of this type threat. 
  • We recently purchased a new canine to put into service. The 14-month-old half German Shepard and half Belgian Malinois was named Jett. We named him after Deputy James A. Lear who was working here and lost his life unexpectedly December 10th, 2021.  James’s nickname was Jett.  Jett will be in service with James’s nickname to honor him.  We have no doubt he will serve Van Buren County with honor just like Deputy Lear.
  • Our Traffic Unit worked a construction zone in Pine Grove Township in which the Van Buren Road Commission was having a serious issue with motorist ignoring the road closed signs and continued to drive through the construction zone. The deputy made 15 stops and issued 9 citations. Our office is going to continue to work with the Road Commission in these construction zones to enforce motorist violating the law and putting the workers in danger.
  • Uniform Response had a pursuit with a subject wanted on Armed Robbery and Burglary. They were able to put him in custody after a several mile chase after he crashed in a ditch. Deputies located a sawed-off shotgun and narcotics as well. The female passenger was also a wanted fugitive for several warrants. Both were lodged at our facility.
  • Feeding America-West Michigan will be in Van Buren County at different dates, locations, and times to help people in need of food. The information can be found on their website at


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