Van Buren/Cass District Board of Health

The Van Buren / Cass District Board of Health provides the technical and political leadership and oversight in the conducting of the complex operations of the department while always working within the framework of policies and procedures established by the governing entity, i.e., the Van Buren County and Cass County Boards of Commissioners.


  1.  The Van Buren County Board of Commissioners shall appoint four (4) members to the District Board of Health.
  2.  The Cass county Board of Commissioners shall appoint three (3) members.
  3. In accord with state law at least two of the members appointed by the respective Boards of Commissioners shall be members of the Board of Commissioners.
  4. Board of Commissioners representatives shall serve a one (1) year term on the District Health Board and may be reappointed as long as they remain a member of the Board of Commissioners.  General public representatives shall serve a three (3) year term.


The board will meet at any one location for their regular monthly meeting.  The locations are:

  1. Van Buren County Public Health Department
    260 South Street
    Lawrence, MI  49064
  2. Cass County Public Health Department
    302 South Front Street - Upper Level
    Dowagiac, MI  49047

2022 Meeting Schedule (PDF)


Term Expiration
Dwight "Skip DyesChairperson - Cass County Commissioner12/31/2022
Donald HansonVice-Chairperson - Van Buren County Commissioner12/31/2022
Vicki VaughnMember at Large - Cass County12/31/2022
Dr. Vincent CabrasMember at Large - Van Buren County12/31/2024
Robert LindermanMember at Large - Van Buren County12/31/2024
Roseann MarchettiCass County Commissioner12/31/2022
Randall PeatVan Buren County Commissioner12/31/2022