Department of Health & Human Services Board

The Board, as part of Van Buren County DHHS, collaborates with the State MDHHS to address the needs of the people of the county, focusing on removing social disabilities and barriers and restoring individuals to self-support, and to normal conditions of life.  The goal of this board is to act as an agent for the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners in the development of coordinated approaches to the delivery of services between the DHHS and public and private social agencies in Van Buren County.   

Board Member Requirements

Board Members must reside in Van Buren County and must not hold an elected office, including precinct delegate.  Two are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and the third is appointed by the Director of the MDHHS for three-year terms.

Board Meetings

The board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at:

Van Buren County MDHHS
57150 County Road 681
Hartford, MI 49057

Board Members

Term Expiration
Sheryl GarzaChair (State Appointed)10/31/2024
Cathy OntiverosVice-Chair (VBC Board of Commissioners Appointed)11/1/2022
Eleanor Marquis, Director
Secretary N/A
VacantMember (VBC Board of Commissioners Appointed)
Tina LearyVan Buren County Commissioner RepresentativeN/A