Jury Board

The jury board provides oversight of the court jury qualification and selection process.  The annual meeting of the jury board is set in May of each year to monitor and make recommendations regarding the court’s JMS (MCL 600.1304).  SCAO Jury Utilization performance measures is also discussed.  Van Buren County Courts, with the approval of the Chief Judge and the Board of Commissioners, employ a jury clerk (and a back-up) as the assistant to the jury board to perform the qualification process.

This board is appointed by the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners.  Each appointment holds a 6 year term.

Board Members

Judy JanssenTerm Expires:  4/30/2025
Thomas PalenickTerm Expires:  4/30/2026
A.C. AskewTerm Expires:  4/30/2027