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Who can attend PCAP meetings?
All PCAP meetings are open to the public, so anyone may attend. 

Can I make public comments to the PCAP?
Yes. There is a public comment period at the end of each meeting, where community members are allotted three minutes each to speak. If you would like to bring a topic or question to the attention of the PCAP outside of the meeting time, you can write an email to [email protected]  with the subject line “Public Comment,” and your comment will be collected and disseminated to the PCAP.

When does the PCAP meet?
Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Meetings will be announced a minimum of one week in advance. Meeting agendas and other materials will be available to the public one week in advance on the PCAP Meeting Materials webpage.

Note: This FAQ section will continue to be updated as frequent questions arise. 

Reports & Resources

  • Entergy Press Release: Entergy’s Palisades team finishes strong as facility shuts down
  • NRC Preliminary Notification: This is a PDF copy of the preliminary notification to the NRC of Palisades' unplanned shutdown.
  • NRC Notice of Transition to Decomissioning Oversite Program: This is a PDF copy of the letter notifying the transition of the Palisades Plant from the operating power reactor inspection program to the decommissioning power reactor inspection program. A PDF copy of the Chapter 2561 of the NRC's Inspection Manual is available as supporting document.
  • NRC General Information: Review general information and key reports on the NRC's website.
  • Radioactive Effluent and Environmental Reports for Palisades: These reports are made available publicly through the NRC's website.
  • Palisades Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report: This document is a PDF available on the NRC's website.
  • NRC ListServe Registration Directions: You can receive updates and reports sent to your inbox directly from the NRC. You can follow the NRC's directions to register
  • Entergy: To learn more about the Palisades plant, you can visit Entergy's website
  • Entergy: The company's public statement following Governor Whitmer's press release and letter to the US Department of Energy. 
  • Economic Recovery Initiative Survey: Members of the public are invited to participate in a public survey, which will inform the ongoing Palisades Economic Recovery Initiative. More information can be found on the PERI's webpage.

PCAP Press Coverage

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March 2022 MLIVE - Community invited to ask questions about decommissioning of nuclear plant on Lake Michigan shore
April 2022 Meeting On Palisades Decommissioning Set For Next Week
April 2022 Public Info Meeting to Examine Palisades Shutdown & Economic Impact
April 2022 Meeting on Palisades Closure Set for Next Week
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April 2022 Report: Southwest Michigan Projected to lose 739 Jobs from Palisades Closure