Palisades Community Advisory Panel

Palisades at night

The purpose of the Palisades Community Advisory Panel (PCAP) is defined by the panel’s charter, which states that the PCAP’s purpose is twofold:

1.    To provide for open communication, public involvement, and education on issues related to the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant shutdown and decommissioning.

2.    To evaluate and comment upon data and other information which may include (1) publicly available information regarding the balance of the Palisades nuclear decommissioning trust fund; (2) the status of decommissioning activities; (3) filings submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC); and (4) and information provided by the Palisades Economic Recovery Initiative.

Note: The NRC has exclusive jurisdiction over the radiological decommissioning of nuclear facilities. Therefore, the PCAP will function in an advisory capacity and shall have no role in directing the decommissioning or related work at Palisades. Palisades will consider advice or recommendations made by the PCAP, but it has no obligation to act on such advice or recommendations.