Van Buren County Remonumentation Program

The Survey and Remonumentation Act, 1990 PA 345 was formed to coordinate and implement the monumentation and remonumentation of property controlling corners in the state. For the first time since the original government surveyors established and monumented these initial corner positions in Michigan, a concerted effort has been made to identify and remark these historic markers. All land ownership in Michigan, both public and private, was originally determined from these public land survey corners which are required to be publicly recorded (see Corner Recordation Act, 1970 PA 74).

This program is designed to address the loss, destruction or difficulty in locating many of the original survey markers and monuments set in the 1830 government survey of Van Buren County. There are an estimated 2333 government corners in Van Buren County. The goal for the program is to restore all the government corners, assign coordinates to each monument and to maintain the system once completed. 

Van Buren County has established a Peer Group of Surveyors, which is a group of licensed surveyors who meet generally 6 to 8 times in a year to review and reach consensus on the location of the original public land survey corners. Meetings are tentatively scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Donald Hanson Board of Commissioners Room. Meeting dates and locations can be found on the County’s Public Meeting Notice page. 

The elected County Surveyor is primarily responsible for overseeing all remonumentation activities within the county. The GIS Department administers the annual State of Michigan Remonumentation Grant that funds a majority of this important  work.

For more details regarding the status of each corner in Van Buren County, visit the interactive Public Land Survey System & Remonumentation Viewer.

Public Land Survey System & Remonumenation Viewer

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