GIS Mapping

The Geographic Information System (GIS) or Computer Mapping, hosts a series of digital map layers of the county. The layers of digital information include roads, lakes, rivers, drains, soils, slopes of land, land-use, zoning, demographics such as housing and population, 911 addressing, municipal boundaries, school districts, wetlands, and tax parcel maps. These layers are used to make maps of varying themes throughout the county. Some maps may include several layers of data.

The GIS staff provides computerized mapping services and geographic data to Van Buren County and local officials, assisting in future decision making and day to day operations.

Local businesses as well as the public may also find a variety of uses for this digital information. Much of the information can be found in the following links provided.

Current Interactive Parcel Map

Historical Maps Current as of March 31, 2022.

Custom maps can be obtained by contacting the GIS department. Hourly fees and printing fees may be charged for custom maps. 

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