Van Buren County has established an address numbering system. This system was set up so that emergency services (911) such as ambulances, fire, and police would be able to find a persons property quickly in time of need. Addresses are assigned to properties located in the Townships. The county does not assign addresses in cities and villages, as this is handled by each corresponding municipality.

A five-digit address number is created, by first two numbers relating to the streets or avenue on either side. The last three numbers identify more precisely the location by proximity between the street.

To be assigned an address number, one must give the correct road name, and provide a detailed drawing of where the building will be located on the property so that a number can be determined through interpolation.

The County uses a numbering system for its local roads network. Streets run North and South, avenues run East and West. 22nd St. (N&S) is the first road on the East side of the county and every half mile to the west, the number increases with 82nd St. being the western most street. Avenues start with 1st Ave.(E&W), just below Baseline Rd., on the northern boundary. Avenues increase in number every 1/4 mile as you head south. The southern most road is 96th Ave.

In the future all new address assignments from our office will include a form. Please be advised that should an applicant for a building permit or related new construction service not have an official address from our office, it will not be recognized by the county as a correct address.

There will be a fee of $100.00 for assigning addresses in Van Buren County. This fee assures the correct placement of the address on the 911 grid and will also include a reflective address sign. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 269-657-8243.