Land Description

Van Buren County GIS works directly with the Van Buren County Treasurers office and Register of Deeds, combining maps and legal descriptions with the county tax roll.

Land Description assigns new property ID numbers for real property as they are added to the tax roll. They also assist the public and local governments that have questions about taxes, land ownership, property tax descriptions, and may other related questions.

Land Description creates the property descriptions for new splits, and also for properties being combined. They work together with the Townships, and Cities to maintain all property splits, and combinations in accordance with the state Subdivision Act, and the newer Land Division Act 591 of 1996, and PA 87 of 1997, plus the local units of government's Land Division Ordinances as a result of the 1996 state law.

Land Description maintains current property tax maps. They also create, update, and make changes to the subdivision maps, tax section maps, address numbers, and property owner's information.
The information is received from copies of the deeds that are recorded at the Register of Deeds office.

The property address numbers, and property owner name changes are entered into the County Treasurer's computer tax roll system. The tax maps are used by assessors, local units of governments, real estate professionals, and the general public.

Current Interactive Parcel Map