Possible Future Projects

These are possible projects that have been under consideration by the county Board of Commissioners that, if undertaken, could be assigned to the Building Authority.  On May 2, 2017, the voters of the county defeated a property tax proposal that would have funded these projects, so the likelihood of these projects is currently uncertain.

  1. New Court Facility--This would be a new building to house the county's court operations to bring these facilities up to the current recommended state for security, prisoner movement, public convenience, jury facilities, attorney/client conference facilities.  A decision whether to proceed is being explored.
  2. Removal of Old Sheriff's House/Jail--This project would be necessary if the New Court Facility is located on the site of the historic Sheriff's House and original jail.  The Sheriff's House portion could be moved to another site if an agreement to do so can be reached with the Village of Paw Paw or some other party, or otherwise could be razed.  The old jail portion would likely be razed.  A decision whether to proceed is currently being explored.
  3. Renovation of County Administration Building--This building at 219 E. Paw Paw Street could be renovated to improve customer convenience, office efficiencies, security, and other upgrades.  If the New Court Facility is undertaken, the Friend of the Court office would relocate to that new building.  A decision whether to proceed is uncertain.
  4. Original Courthouse Upgrades--If the New Court Facility project is undertaken, some upgrades to the historic Courthouse at 212 E. Paw Paw Street could be done to facilitate relocated offices and a general decommissioning of the basement for office use.  A decision whether to proceed is not currently under active consideration.