Current Active Project

Jail Addition & Renovation Project

The Building Authority issued a new bonds in the amount of $5,150,000, with Van Buren County funding a additional amount, to construct an addition and make renovations to the County Jail in downtown Paw Paw.  Construction commenced in March of 2017.  The General Contractor is Miller-Davis Company of Kalamazoo. Features of the project include:

  • A new booking and holding area to comply with current best practices for correctional facilities.
  • Expansion and reconfiguration of inmate cells to allow decommissioning of outdated inmate area in the adjacent old jail.
  • Updated security system.
  • New and replacement roof for the entire jail building.
  • Major lighting and electrical upgrades.
  • Other modifications to improve staff utilization and efficiency.

Project construction and occupation are complete; only management of a replacement reserve and the outstanding debt balance remain.  The bonds will be fully paid on October 1, 2036.

The bond issue status is as follows:

Bonds Issued 4/17/2017$5,150,000$5,150,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2017-205,000$4,945,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2018-205,000$4,740,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2019-210,000$4,530,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2020-215,000$4,315,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2021-220, 000$4,095,000
Bond Principal Paid 10/1/2022-220,000$3,875,000