Brownfield Board & Staff

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

Board and Staff

  • Created:                     June 2002
  • Board Members:  9--8 appointed plus 1 of the Board of Commissioners
  • Appointed by:       Van Buren County Board of Commissioners
  • Term length:          3 years     

Brownfield Board Members:

NamePositionTerm ExpiresCommunity of Interest
Lisa PhillipsChairperson6/1/2021Environmental Industry
Jan PetersonVice-Chair6/1/2021Preservation and Conservation
Sarah Moyer-CaleMember6/1/2021Village and Township Government
Dr. Patrick CreaganMember6/1/2022Public Schools
Cynthia ComptonMember6/1/2022Land Development
Kate HosierMember6/1/2022City Government
Katie StrohauerMember6/1/2023Geology and Environment
Zachary MorrisMember6/1/2023Economic Development
Gail Patterson-GladneyMemberWhen changedBoard of Commissioners

Support Staff:

Wayne NelsonSecretary/TreasurerVan Buren County Fiscal Staff
Erik PetersonEnvironmental ConsultantEnvirologic Technologies Inc.
Therese SearlesBrownfield Plan ConsultantEnvirologic Technologies Inc.
Pamela JacksonMarketing ConsultantEnvirologic Technologies Inc.
Anna CervenMeeting AccomodatorVan Buren County Administration