Site Plan Development Review

Site Plan Review

The Drain Office is required by The Land Division Act No. 288 of 1967 to review site plans for all county established plats for proper storm water management. However, plat developments are becoming a rarity and most developments are established under Condominium Act, Public Act 59 of 1978 in which the Drain Commissioner receives a “Notice of Intent” to establish but is not required under state law to review the site plans. If a municipality chooses to have the Drain Office review a Site Condo, Planned Unit Development, or other site plans then they must adopt, by resolution the Drain Office’s “Site Development Rules”. This offers municipalities the ability to have an outside agency review site plans for proper storm water management. Additionally, municipalities that don’t have planning or zoning can adopt the rules in order to ensure proper plan design for storm water management when municipal regulations do not apply or exist.

In 2010 the Drain Office incorporated Low Impact Design, LID standards in its stormwater design criteria. Low impact development encourages green development through rain gardens, bio-swales, porous pavement, and other environmental friendly practices. LID standards are becoming common practice in communities throughout Michigan. The state recently developed LID guidelines that will be used in developing the drain office standards.

In addition, the Site Development Rules were update in 2012 to conform with new standards, more user friendly, a application process, and a new "green calculator". In order for the Drain Office to review site plans the following must be submitted: application, two copies of the site plan, storm/design calculations, and review fee.