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Todd Drain:  Petition 2015

Almena and Pine Grove Townships 

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to property owners within the Todd Drainage District as being potentially subject to an assessment that a Board of Determination will meet on January 28, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. local time at the Almena Township Hall, 27625 CR 375, Paw Paw, MI 49079 to hear all interested persons and evidence and to determine whether the drain known as the Todd Drain as set forth in the Petition for the Cleaning out, Relocating, Widening, Deepening, Straighten, Tiling, Extending; Add a Branch Drain or Relocating along a highway for a County Drain dated, October 5, 2014 is necessary and conductive to the public Health, convenience, or welfare of  Almena and Pine Grove Township(s) in accordance with Sections 72 and 191 of Act No.40, P.A. 1956(Michigan Drain Code), as amended.


A petition for extending, adding a branch and/or improving the Todd Drain was received in October of 2014.  The drain office had received complaints over the years of flooding issues and sediment in the stream west of CR 653 and north/south of 28th Avenue.  Inspection showed several older crossings that are no longer adequate and are failing.  Additionally, sediment in the channel bottom has filled in the gravel bottom slowing the velocity of the watercourse and flow capacity.  The Todd drain has the original outlet just southwest of the CR 653 and 28th Avenue intersection.  The outlet to the Paw Paw River has changed over the years due to the rerouting of CR 653.  The area of concern for the petitioners is the section between Fish Lake and the Paw Paw River west of CR 653.  A majority of this section is not legally part of the county drain and could not be maintained by the drain commissioner.  As a result, the petition was filed to help address these issues.


The Todd drain was established in 1907 also known as the “Old” Todd Drain.  An extension of the drain was added in 1917 with a second outlet along CR 653.  In 1940 a petition was submitted to clean-out the upper portion of the drain into Pine Grove Township in the “Mentha” farm area.  Different portions of the drain have been maintained since 1940 as part of routine or requested maintenance.   

Notification of Order of Necessity

This is to notify you that on January 28, 2015 a Board of Determination ordered and determined that the Todd Drain called for in a petition to clean out, relocate, widen, deepen, straighten, tile, extend or relocate along a highway for a county drain to be known and designated as:  Branch of the Todd Drain is necessary and conducive to public health, convenience or welfare to properties and residents of Almena and Pine Grove Townships, Van Buren County. 

Aerial Map - Todd Drain Petition Area of Interest