Three Mile Lake & Jennings Drain Petition and BOD

Three Mile Lake

**Three Mile Lake & Jennings Drain 2020 Assessment: 

Property owner in the overall drainage district were not charged for work/project on the petitioned  drain extension to Three Mile Lake of the Three Mile Lake and Jennings Drain.   Those cost were assessed to  Three Mile Lake riparian owners and at-large municipalities.  However, work was done on the main channel of the drain and the drainage district was revised.  Those cost were spread over the entire 197 revised  drainage district.



DATE:                       May 31, 2019

TIME:                        4:00 p.m.

LOCATION:             Paw Paw Township Hall

                                    114 N. Gremps Street

                                     Paw Paw, MI 49079

**Board of Determination signed order of necessity for the petition to move forward, March 31, 2019

January 2020 Update:

  1. Notice of letting was sent out in December of 2019 and sealed bids were due on December 17, 2019. 
  2. On December 17, 2019 four bids were received for the drain extension project.
  3. Notice of Award to the contractor was signed on December 26th/January 2nd by both parties.
  4. The Day of Review of the Drainage District Boundaries and Review of Apportionments will be held on January 21, 2020. 
  5. Construction will start around the first or second week of February 2020.   

July 1, 2019 Updates:

  1. Surveyed the preliminary route & course of new drain extension.
  2. Surveyed the downstream portion of the existing Three Mile Lake and Jennings Drain

                  a.  This will help determine the existing drains ability to handle added capacity/modeling.

       3.  We have contacted and met with property owners concerning easements/right-of-ways for new drain extension. 

                  a. Explained our intent for a new drain and discussed possible location of drain on their properties.

        4.  Surveyed easement properties for layout of drain, property boundaries and preliminary parcel research.

                   a. Now that property owners were contacted and easements surveyed, we are preparing easement documents and attachments for review and possible signing. 

        5.  Surveyed existing visible roads, utilities, etc. for possible conflicts with proposed drain layout.

        6.  Submitted requested for utility information for gas lines, telephone, fiber, etc…..

                    a. Received most of the requested information this week, 7-1-2019

        7.  Reviewed existing files on drain with legal to ensure prior procedures were legal and/or done correctly.(Specifically the 1952 petition) Even though key documents were not completed from the 1952 petition process, it is clear that the drain commissioner at the time, Glenn Smiley intended to end the drain at the east side of 41st Street and not connect it to the lake until property owners petition for a legal lake level.     

        8.  Discussed, by phone with EGLE(MDEQ) staff the process and items needed for permitting of drain project.  A pre-application meeting is be setup now that we have some of the preliminary survey done, easement property owners contacted, utility conflicts laid out and downstream drain surveyed. 

Southwest Corner of Three Mile Lake