Van-Cass Intercounty Drain - Bankson Lake

January 2024 Progress - Work Completed to Date:

A)  Field Work:

1.  Wetland Delineation downstream of Bankson Lake was required by EGLE and completed during

      the late summer of 2023.  

2.  Additional topographic survey along the proposed alignment.

3.  Streamside Ecological data collection:

a.   Invasive Species:

i.   Eurasian Water Milfoil, Carolina Fanwort, and Purple Loosestrife.  All species are known to exist downstream in the St. Joseph River watershed.

ii.  Evidence of zebra mussels (live or dead) was not found.

iii.  Several other invasives were located downstream and include reed canary grass and phragmites.

b.  Water and DO Monitoring: The monitors were collected at the very end of July.

B)  USFWS IPaC: EGLE requested that we utilize the USFWS IPac system to evaluate potential

      impacts to threatened or endangered species.


1.   We were prompted through this process to specifically evaluate this projects impact to the Mitchell’s Satyr Butterfly as well as other species listed out in EGLE’s pre application meeting letter.

2.  USFWS said impacts to the Mitchell’s Satyr due to proposed project were expected to be

insignificant or discountable.  


C)   Easements: Provided easement exhibits to FSBR – working through FSBR’s requested


1.   Nine (9) permanent easements required.

2.   Two (2) temporary easements for leveling spoils.

D)  Preliminary Design is completed and ready for EGLE permit submission.

            1.   Authorization from Board to submit EGLE Permit.  January 26, 2024

2023 Progress Report:

January 30, 2023, Preapplication Meeting with EGLE

March 21, 2023, Follow up notification, EGLE Preapplication Meeting

 Our next step is to collect and analyze the additional ecological / water quality data that EGLE/DNR has requested.  The following tasks will be conducted by the LRE / Streamside Ecological Services team throughout the spring / summer. 

  • Conduct a wetland delineation along the proposed Drain extension alignment. 
  • Desktop review documenting existing wetlands around Bankson Lake. 
  • Review / summarize previous water quality reports for Bankson Lake.
  • Conduct a zebra mussel survey within Bankson Lake. 
  • Document invasive species and water quality conditions in the Drain and compare to previous reports for Bankson Lake. 
  • Install data loggers to monitor water temperature and dissolved oxygen levels in Bankson Lake and the Drain. 

In addition, LRE will be collecting additional topographic survey along the proposed drain alignment, including the mapping of existing wetlands.  Submittal of the EGLE permit application and requests for drainage easement requests will not begin until later this year and likely continue into 2024.

**Please take notice that all property owners within Porter Township were noticed for the re-hearing of necessity the Van-Cass ICD. Not all property owners within Porter Township are in the Drainage District or will receive an assessment if a project occurs. Rather only those in within the boundaries on the attached map are affected. The notice was sent to everyone in the district as a result of claims that some individuals within the drainage district were not receiving notice and that the previous mailing list was deficient in terms of updated addresses. For this mailing we requested updated addresses for the Porter Township parcels and received the entire Porter township mailing list in PDF’d label form from the township. To ensure timely delivery of notices and to save costs cross referencing the pdf label list from the township and previous mailing list, the mailing notice was sent to all properties within the township.


(Van Buren and Cass Counties)

DATE:      June 24, 2020

TIME:      1:00 p.m.


Or by telephone at 312-626-6799; meeting ID: 839 1748 2431

Michigan Drain Code, PA 40

280.122a Judicial determination of drain necessity; filing of action.

Sec. 122a.

Whenever the drain board finds by majority vote of the whole number of members that the drain is or is not necessary, a person feeling aggrieved by the determination may institute an action in the circuit court for the county in which the real property is located for a determination of necessity. The action shall be filed by the person aggrieved within 10 days after the determination of necessity or no necessity by the drain board.

Notice of Drainage Board Meeting

For Determination of Practicability 


(Van Buren and Cass Counties)

DATE:         August 23, 2019

TIME:          3:00 p.m.

LOCATION:      Porter Township Hall

 88040 M-40 Highway, Lawton, Michigan

The Van Cass Intercounty Drain Drainage Board will meet at the above date, time and location to consider the petition, dated May 28, 2019, for maintenance and improvement of an intercounty drain, located in Marcellus Township in Cass County and Porter Township in Van Buren County, pursuant to Chapter 8 of Public Act 40 of 1956, as amended, to determine the sufficiency of signatures on said petition, to go over the route of the intercounty drain, and to further determine whether the maintenance and improvement of the intercounty drain is practicable.

Proceedings conducted at this public meeting will be subject to the provisions of the Michigan Open Meetings Act.  Public comment will be received at the meeting from anyone owning lands liable to an assessment, or whose lands will be crossed by the drain, or any municipality affected.  Written comments may be submitted prior to the meeting, or additional information may be obtained from the following offices:

Joe Parman

Van Buren County Drain Commissioner

219 E. Paw Paw St.

Paw Paw, Michigan 49079

Bruce Campbell

Cass County Drain Commissioner

120 N. Broadway

Cassopolis, Michigan 49031


Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the meeting should contact the Drain Commissioner of their County at the number listed above or through the Michigan Relay Center at 7-1-1 (TDD) at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting to request mobility, visual, hearing or other assistance.

Dated:  July 26, 2019

                                                                                    Brady Harrington, Deputy

                                                                                    For Gary McDowell, Director

                                                                                    Michigan Department of Agriculture

                                                                                    and Rural Development

Board Determined Practicable on August 23,2019