Areas We Serve (Maps)

What Area Does Van Buren Public Transit Serve?
  • We serve all of Van Buren County. For service availability in your area, call our Scheduling Office at (269) 427-7921 or see the service area maps below.
  • VBPT offers DIAL-A-RIDE service in the Paw Paw and South Haven areas.
  • VBPT offers FLEX ROUTE LOOP services in South Haven and Paw Paw. Call the scheduling office to request a FLEX stop when traveling from a destination in between already designated stops.
  • VBPT also provides COUNTY-WIDE / RESERVATION service which is a Call Ahead Reservation within the boundaries of Van Buren County. Please call as early as possible to ensure availability. We can book up to 14 days in advance, today being day one.
  • VBPT can provide OUT OF COUNTY SERVICE if vehicles are available.
  • County wide service is offered Monday-Friday by calling (269) 427-7921 in advance.
  • For hours of service in your area, call our Scheduling Office. (269) 427-7921.
  • If you live in Decatur, Mattawan, Lawton or Gobles, call 1(800) 828-2015.
  • VBPT provides a VETERAN'S SHUTTLE to the VA Hospital in Battle Creek each Tuesday and Thursday, call (269) 302-0237 to schedule a ride.