Fare Structure (Costs)

Fares are currently free for the General Public.

County Wide Service
  • Reservations: Full fare/General Public-$4.00 in zone, $6.00 zone to zone. Half fare Riders* $2.00 in zone, $3.00 zone to zone. Zone map detail
  • Dial a Ride-Paw Paw and South Haven, Full fare $2.50 Half fare* $1.25.
  • Flex Routes-South Haven METRO LOOP and Paw Paw CONCORD LOOP-Full fare $1.00 Half fare $.50.
  • Out of County: medical/legal Full fare $20.00 Half fare Riders* $10.00. Trip fare prices are one way. Round trip fares include ½ hour waiting time. Excess will be charged @ $45.00 per hour in 10 min increments (Full fare wait charge per 10 min = $7.50) (Half fare customers $3.75 per 10 minutes)
  •  Half fare is charged to seniors, disabled, children & students.
How Do I Pay?
  • Drivers do not carry change, so please have your exact fare ready when boarding. If you do not have change, credit can not be used for later rides. Checks are accepted, however we do not accept credit cards
  • Senior residents of Van Buren County, age 60 and older, ride free with a Transit Rider Card.
  • Van Buren County Veterans ride free with a Veteran's Rider Card.
  • Save money and purchase a Van Buren Public Transit Pass. Call our scheduling office for more details.