Mission Statement

It is the mission of Van Buren Public Transit to meet the dynamic transit needs of Van Buren County with innovative, economical and flexible service.
  • GOAL #1: Develop a coordinated, centralized, countywide transportation system with regional connections. Expand LAC to become an interagency/user/private provider transportation focused group to build partnerships and communication. Assess all resources (including funding, people, fleet) and gaps in transportation services being provided by all agencies and private providers. Explore and implement an inter-agency provided centralized dispatch. Increase efforts for a regional, inter-connected system. Encourage municipal/county future land use decisions to promote smart growth principles, which include the use of public transportation.
  • GOAL #2: Increase stakeholder satisfaction. Provide easily accessible information to riders/agencies. Identify, understand and respond to users/agencies transit needs.
  • GOAL #3: Improve leadership at all levels. Identify and improve processes that enhance board effectiveness. Develop and update operational and procedural policies. Maintain positive labor relations. Increase employee professional growth and leadership.
  • GOAL #4: Increase operational efficiency and productivity. Streamline processes. Create additional performance indicators to measure efficiency and productivity. Develop flex routes.
  • GOAL #5: Create awareness in the community of VBPT services, costs of services, funding sources and the need for public transit. Determine most effective public outreach methods/products to reach target audiences. Develop, improve and implement public outreach methods/products. Publish an annual report.- Generate support for a millage to fund VBPT.
  • GOAL #6: Ensure fiscal stability. Develop a strategic financial plan. Identify and meet requirements to maintain state and federal funding. Institute an adequate and equitable fee structure for all services. Identify and secure private source funding whose customers are served by VBPT. Increase special services contracts. Identify and maximize all federal and state funding sources. Identify and implement cost saving initiatives.
  • GOAL #7: Provide safer service. Ensure safe buses. Ensure safety for customers. Be prepared for countywide emergencies.

What is Van Buren Public Transit?

Van Buren Public Transit is a public, not-for-profit transportation agency providing curb-to-curb service to anyone including wheelchair accessible transportation for individuals who cannot access other transportation alternatives. Our services reflect a commitment to meeting the mobility needs of/for all.

What We Believe...
  • We believe that all people are entitled to live as independently as possible within their life circumstances.
  • We believe that freedom of movement is a fundamental necessity in our society.

Who Uses Van Buren Public Transit?

Service is available to everyone in Van Buren County. We transport people using medical aids, as well as those accessing jobs, educational services and day to day activities.