Geographic Information Systems Department

The role of the Van Buren County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Department is to leverage spatial data to support decision making within Van Buren County. The department develops, maintains, analyzes and disseminates large amounts of geographic data. This data can include information on land ownership, land use, valuation, infrastructure, natural resources, transportation, demographics, and much more. The GIS Department uses this data to create interactive and static maps, reports, and other visualizations.  

Our goal is to provide our users the highest quality GIS services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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Our core functions include:

  • Geographic Information Systems (Mapping)  - Leverage spatial data to support and promote effective decision making within Van Buren County. 
    • Property Records & Tax Search (BS&A Online)
    • Interactive Maps
    • Digital Maps & Reports
    • Spatial Data Analytics
    • GIS Data
  • Remonumentation Grant Administration - Works in conjunction with the County Surveyor to oversee and approve the acquisition and expenditure of the annual Remonumentation Grant funds.
  • 911 House Numbering/ Addressing -  Assigns official property and building address numbers for E-911 purposes. 
  • Land Description Services - Work directly with the County Treasurer and Register of Deeds, combining maps and legal descriptions with the county tax roll.