Community Corrections Advisory Board


Appointed by the Van Buren County Board of Commissioners, the Van Buren County Community Corrections Advisory Board (CCAB) is responsible for community corrections planning and policy-making with regards to the community corrections funding received from the Michigan Office of Community Corrections (MOCC). Meeting periodically through the year, CCAB members review and discuss issues pertinent to the criminal justice system in Van Buren County and how community corrections programming can positively impact these issues.


  • Logan Hudson, Community Corrections Coordinator
  • Natalie Dean (Trial Court Administrator), Community Corrections Advisory Board (CCAB) Manager
  • Ryan Post, Fiscal Agent
  • Honorable Kathleen Brickley (Circuit Court/Chief Judge), CCAB Chairperson
  • Sheriff Daniel Abbott, County Sheriff
  • Chief Jay Allen, Chief of Police
  • Honorable Michael McKay, District Court Judge
  • Honorable David Distefano, Probate Court Judge
  • Gale Patterson-Gladney, County Commissioner
  • Attorney Susan Zuiderveen, Van Buren County Prosecutor
  • Chad Catalino, Public Defender
  • Jacqui Cowles, Business Community
  • Paul Garrod, Communications Media
  • Zachary Morris, Workforce Development
  • Chad Spencer, Circuit Court Probation
  • Honorable William Buhl (Retired), General Public

Community Corrections Advisory Board Meetings