Vision & Goals

In order to achieve the mission, purpose, and visions of the Bangor/South Haven Heritage Water Trail Association (B/SH HWTA), a number of goals are identified. These goals provide a basic direction for the work of the B/SH HWTA. They are presented in so specific order of priority and are not intended to be limited to those identified here.


  • Research and develop methods for planning, designing, implementing and monitoring a heritage water trail system on the Black River.
  • Research the history of the black river and its tributaries in Van Buren County, Michigan.
  • Design and post historical markers on bridge crossings over the Black River between Bangor and South Haven, Michigan.
  • Write an interpretive guide for the Black River Heritage Water Trail keyed to the markers along the trail.
  • Develop an interactive and educational website allowing users to locate the trail and determine its distance, accessibility, and trail characteristics.
  • Research the impacts of the Heritage Water Trail on the local and regional economic development in Van Buren County.
  • Assure that private property rights along the Heritage Water Trail are not disturbed or disrupted.
  • Organize and conduct all work related activities necessary and appropriate to achieve the goals, visions, purpose, and mission of the B/SH HWTA.
  • Secure and hold funds necessary and appropriate in order to achieve all the above Goals, Visions, Purpose, and Mission of the B/SH HWTA.
  • Establish a code of ethics for users of the Heritage Water Trail.


  • The B/SH HWTA shall provide the organizational stewardship to develop and maintain the HWT as a quality natural resource.
  • People will experience the scenic beauty and learn about the environment and history along the HWT.
  • Establishment of a HWT will create opportunities for economic development.