Master Plan

The purpose of the Master Plan/Future Land Use Plan is to provide the officials and citizens of Waverly Township with an efficient and reasonable guide to the orderly growth and development of the community. The plan is designed to support the Waverly Township Zoning Ordinance Number 6 so as to reduce zoning conflicts and promote community-wide harmony. The Master Plan is not the Zoning Ordinance. It is a guide only for future changes to the Zoning Ordinance. Put another way, the Master Plan is the foundation upon which regulations are built.

Adopting or changing the Master Plan does not directly alter the zoning for any property. However, future changes to the zoning map are intended to be consistent with the uses shown on the Master Plan map. To facilitate downloading, the Plan has been divided into two parts, Maps and Text below.

Please note that, as stated in the Planning Commission meeting minutes of 3-Mar-2018,  the 2012 Master was reviewed and approved without amendment.