Vacant Property Check

Property Check on the NewsProperty checks are available to Van Buren County citizens who will be away from their homes, businesses, or other facilities for extended periods of time. Deputies will periodically check the exterior of the premises. This service is offered to deter potential burglars while your premise is unoccupied. 

The check will include a walkthrough of the home's exterior check for: 

  • Security of windows and doors
  • Safety concerns
  • Property damage
  • Evidence of vandalism or intruders

If any issues are found, the owner and/or emergency contact will be notified, and an appropriate response determined.

  • This service is available to unoccupied properties only.

  • If this location is occupied, complete the Extra Patrol Form.
  • Security checks must be submitted ten days prior to departure date to allow for proper scheduling.
  • If your plans change and you return home ahead of schedule, please notify the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office at 269-657-2006 so the home security checks can be stopped.

What Should I do Before I Leave?

Take these recommended actions before your trip: 

  • Lock all doors and windows. Use dowel rods to secure sliding doors and windows.
  • Consider leaving an internal light and external lights on to deter criminals. If possible, use timers to schedule them to come on.
  • Provide an emergency contact with a key. 
  • Cancel services such as housekeepers who might unknowingly access your home. List all gardeners, pet caregivers, pool services or others who may access the property on the Property Check Form.
  • Pull in all trash containers from the curb.
  • Limit/stop package deliveries that may be placed at your front door. 

To request a Property Check, click HERE to open the request form