Inmates receive regularly delivered mail on all dates operated by the U.S. Postal Service. All mail received at the Van Buren County Jail is opened and inspected for contraband. 

To send mail to an inmate at this facility, use the following format:
(Inmate Name) (inmate number if known)
205 S Kalamazoo Street
Paw Paw, MI 49079


  • All mail must be on a postcard purchased from the post office.
  • The stamp must be embedded in the paper, unless it is attorney mail.
  • Friends and family may send money orders in an envelope. However, it must be noted on the outside of the envelope. Otherwise, it will be returned to sender.
  • We no longer accept hard copies of photographs. Photos will be authorized through the SECURUS system as digital prints and will fall under e-messaging. There is no limit on the number of photographs that can be sent to an inmate through this system. Photos will be reviewed before they are allowed into the system and accessible to the inmate.
  • Books and magazines mailed through a store or online business is authorized.
  • Attorney mail will only be accepted from the attorney’s office. We will not accept attorney mail or paperwork from family members