Dive Rescue & Recovery Team

The Van Buren County Dive Rescue and Recovery Team is made up of eight rescue divers and four boat handlers. Our divers are highly trained and are equipped with the newest dive rescue gear to ensure the safest and best results for any situation.

The Van Buren County Dive Rescue and Recovery Team members train on a monthly basis to maintain proficiency in their skills and keep up with new procedures. Divers use dry suits and full face masks that are equipped with underwater communications for diving operations. These communication devices are also utilized by the boat handlers so divers can communicate with the surface while diving. Divers also utilize wet suits and conventional scuba gear.

The Dive Team is utilized for search and rescue, recovery, and evidence collection operations. The Dive Team is on call 24/7 all year. The Dive Team works hand in hand with the Van Buren County Marine Division to complete operations. Multiple boats, trucks, and trailers are at the disposal of the Dive Team to ensure all operations are done in the fastest and safest manner.

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