Uniform Response Division

The Uniform Division of the Sheriff's Office is supervised by Lieutenant James Charon. The Uniform Division consists of 28 deputies, including 4 sergeants, who perform normal road patrol duties. Deputies patrol 632 square miles within Van Buren County. Seven deputies operate out of a satellite office located in the northwest portion of the County. The Sheriff's Office also contracts deputies to:


  • Chopper-Squad-carAlmena
  • Antwerp 
  • Arlington
  • Bangor
  • Bloomingdale
  • Columbia 
  • Geneva 
  • Hamilton 
  • Hartford 
  • Lawrence 
  • Keeler 
  • Paw Paw 
  • Pine Grove 

School Resource OfficersSRO_1

The primary role of an SRO is to promote a safe and secure learning environment for students, staff, and faculty. 

  • Bloomingdale Schools
  • Gobles Schools
  • Hartford Schools
  • Mattawan SchoolsSRO_2
  • Paw Paw Schools

Sheriff's deputies regularly attend township meetings.

Mission Statement

Through a dedicated partnership with the community, we are committed to serving the people by protecting life and property, preventing crime, detecting, identifying and apprehending criminals; and providing these services with compassion and respect, ensuring that each person can equally enjoy the constitutional rights guaranteed them. 

This will be provided with pride, honesty and professionalism.

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