Local Administrative Orders (LAO)

Joint Local Administrative Orders

  1. LAO C36 1999-05J D07 1999-05J - Waiver of Jurisdiction Over Civil Infractions Committed by Juveniles (PDF)
  2. LAO C36 2003-03J D07 2003-03J P80 2003-03J - Return of Bonds Posted (PDF)
  3. LAO C36 2003-04J D07 2003-04J P80 2003-04J - Adoption of Plan for the Operation of the Family Division of the Circuit Court (PDF)
  4. LAO C36 2012-01J D07 2012-01J - Elimination of Circuit Arraignments (PDF)
  5. LAO C36 2013-04J-02J D07 2013-02J P80 2013-02J - Language Access Plan (PDF)
  6. LAO C36 2015-02J D07 2015-04J P80 2015-02J - Court Closings Due to Weather Emergencies (PDF)
  7. LAO C36 2015-10J D07 2015-10J - Order for the Establishment of a Regional Veterans Treatment Court (PDF)
  8. LAO C36 2015-11J D07 2015-11J - Order for the Establishment of a Mental Health Court Program (PDF)
  9. LAO C36 2015-13J D07 2015-12J P80 2015-08J - Caseflow Management Plan (PDF)
  10. LAO C36 2016-05J D07 2016-03J P80 2016-03J - Court Hours and Holidays (PDF)
  11. LAO C36 2017-01J D07 2017-02J P80 2017-01J - Access to Juror Questionnaires (PDF)
  12. LAO C36 2017-02J D07 2017-03J - Establishment of a Driving While Impaired Court (PDF)
  13. LAO C36 2017-09J D07 2017-08J P80 2017-06J - Judicial Plan for Availability (PDF)
  14. LAO C36 2018-01J D07 2018-01J P80 2018-01J - Concurrent Jurisdiction Plan (PDF)
  15. LAO C36 2019-03J D07 2019-02J - Comprehensive Security Policy and joint LAO (PDF)
  16. LAO C36 2020-01J D07 2020-01J P80 2020-01J - Plan for Alternative Dispute Resolution (PDF)
  17. LAO C36 2020-05J D07 2020-03J P80 2020-03J - Access, Inspection, Reproduction and Creation of Court Records (PDF)
  18. LAO C36 2020-11J D07 2020-08J P80 2020-09J - Alternate Location for Jury Selection (PDF)
  19. LAO C36 2020-13J D07 2020-10J P80 2020-11J - Plan for Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties (PDF)
  20. LAO C36 2021-11J D07 2021-11J P80 2021-10J - Return to Full Capacity - Phase Three Forward 060921 PDF
  21. LAO C36 2021-12J D07 2021-12J P80 2021-11J - Court Closing Due to All Staff Meeting 11192021 (PDF)
  22. LAO C36 2022-01J D07 2022-01J P80 2022-01J - Assignment of Cases (PDF)
  23. LAO C36 2022-02J D07 2022-02J P80 2022-02J - ADA Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities (PDF)

Circuit Court Local Administrative Orders

District Court Local Administrative Orders

Probate Court Local Administrative Orders