Court Officers

MCR 3.106(B)(2) requires each court to provide SCAO with a list of those court officers or bailiffs who have been authorized to seize property or conduct evictions. A directory of approved court officers, including those in Van Buren County, is available on the Supreme Court website (PDF).

Court Officers appointed in other courts may serve papers, though they are not authorized to execute or arrest on the basis of judgments entered in Van Buren County Courts.

Applications are available by calling Court Administration at 269-657-8200 ext. 2340.

Authorized Court Officers

Pursuant to MCR 2.103, A writ of restitution or process requiring the seizure or attachment of property may only be served by:

  • A sheriff or deputy sheriff, or a bailiff or court officer appointed by the court for that purpose,
  • An officer of the Department of State Police in an action which the state is a party
  • A police officer of an incorporated city or village in an action in which the city or village is a party