Adult Recovery Court

What is a Recovery Court?

A Recovery Court is a collaborative effort between the Criminal Justice System and Community Mental Health that strives to improve the quality of life for the individual, increase public safety, and reduce costs for the community.

Adult Recovery Court Information Sheet (PDF)

Who is eligible for the Recovery Court?

    • Participants who reside out of county will be considered a case by case basis.
    • Must have pending misdemeanor or felony charges.
    • Assessed as having a persistent and serious mental illness or developmental disability.
    • the defendant may not have a history of violent offenses.

What is the structure of Recovery Court?

The Van Buren County Recovery Court is a 12- to 24-month program that involves intensive mental health and substance use disorder treatment, treatment planning, case management, court review hearings, substance abuse testing, and referrals to ancillary service agencies.

Why participate in Adult Recovery Court?

  • Assistance with medication stabilization and treatment for your mental health illness and if needed, treatment for your substance use disorder.
  • Continuous support through group attendance, court appearances and probation reporting.
  • Possible charge reduction or case dismissal.
  • Possible reduced jail or no jail.

How do I get started?

Potential participants may be identified by various sources including:

  • Defense attorneys
  • Family members
  • Jail staff
  • Judges
  • Law enforcement
  • Prosecutors
  • Treatment providers

Whom should I contact with questions?

Questions may be directed to Specialty Court:

Phone: 269-657-8200 ext. 2478

Email Specialty Courts

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Adult Recovery Court Eligibility Determination

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